Terms of delivery

A. - PURPOSE: These general conditions of sale govern the sale on-line products offered to the public by 2006 SL INVESTMENT Salamanca, through the virtual store provided on the URL www.babycucadas.com.

2. - ACCESSION TO THE GENERAL CONDITIONS: By completing and sending the purchase order expresses the full and unreserved commitment to each and every one of the General Conditions as indicated in the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions" of the Purchase Order.

3. - ORDERING: Purchase Orders can only be generated through the Internet by www.babycucadas.com url, and must be properly completed with all requested information as required. Upon receipt of a Purchase Order babycucadas.com immediately be sent to your e-mail a confirmation of your order.
In the event that at the time of receipt of a Purchase Order not available in stock the product or products subject to such order, babycucadas.com offer customers the possibility of waiting to be received from your provider, buy a similar productor cancel the order.


4.1. - The price of the products include VAT and are payable solely as Client's choice, by any of the following means:

a) BANK TRANSFER: After confirming your order, you must make the transfer to one of the following account numbers:
BANCO SANTANDER: 0049/5081/20/2916017235
DUERO BOX: 2104 0105 69 9157427178
In this case the customer must indicate the total amount of your purchase, the beneficiary (Investment Salamanca 2006 sl and the concept the number of purchase order assigned to make the purchase.
For faster shipping is necessary to send us e-mail to the account info@babycucadas.com proof of the transfer.

b) CREDIT CARD (RECOMMENDED): The service of credit card payment is provided directly by a credit institution. This payment is immediate, totally safe as where you enter card data is protected with a secure server. All payments mendiante this payment will be validated by your bank and if accepted it will be sent automatically and instantly.
If the customer asks for your bank a fee for canceling a purchase effectively carried out, will be bound against babycucadas.com to compensation for damages resulting from anulaciónn of office.

4.2. - Expenses and Taxes: The cost of preparing, packaging and shipment of the Products purchased and where appropriate, VAT and other taxes that are applicable, are charged to the client, which shall pay along with the price and enn the way chosen to enforce payment of the price.

4.3. - Interest on late payment: In case of delay in paying the price, expenses and taxes, Customer shall be bound to satisfy Babycucadas.com late interest equivalent to four (4%) per month on the amount adeudad, calculated from the date on which the liability convention under the invoice until the date on which it is entirely satisfied.

5. - RETENTION OF TITLE: Babycucadas.com expressly reserves the domain of the product until full payment of price, costs and taxes and penalty interest.


6.1. - Deadline: The deadline for delivery of products in stock will be one to two business days (only for Spain) from the time that cash is being paid the full price, expenses and taxes. For cases where the product has to solicitarase Babycucadas.com providers, the delivery time quoted above means from the time of receipt of the merchandise in stores Babycucadas.com. Babycucadas.com assumes no liability for failure to provide the Service, whether this is due to any event of force majeure.

6.2.-delivery areas: Babycucadas.com delivers its products throughout the territory of Spain, except in the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

6.3. - Transmission Risk: The delivery is done through the provision of Babycucadas.com product or a third party on behalf of Babycucadas.com in the direction indicated by the Customer in the Purchase Order. The customer assumes all risk of deterioration, damage and loss of products from the moment that the goods had been made available under this clause.

7. - LIABILITY FOR DELIVERY: Babycucadas.com be released from the performance of its delivery obligations provided for in clause 5 and assumes no responsibility regarding the following assumptions:
a. -) Non-payment of all or part of the customer accompanying the order, except in the form of cash on delivery.
b. -) Omission or incorrect information, in accordance with clause 3 above, must provide the customer in the purchase order at time of ordering.

8. - PRODUCT WARRANTY: All products offered by Babycucadas.com are subject to guarantees of workmanship which by law are applicable. Excluding the guarantee of the products they have received, once delivered to the customer, any failure by external events, accidents, etc. or if damaged or an abuse or misuse.

9. - Right of withdrawal:

9.1. - Form and term of withdrawal: The customer can freely withdraw from the contract within seven days from the date of delivery. The date on the receipt of delivery used for the purposes of calculating the period of seven days.
The right of withdrawal is not subject to any kind of formality to be credited in any manner permitted by Law.
However, the product must be in new condition and in original packaging or, failing that, properly packaged on their own, and with it, the original invoice was issued at the time Babycucadas.com customer. The risk of loss, deterioration or damage of the product to which it relates desestimiento are the responsibility of the customer until delivery to Babycucadas.com.
The right of withdrawal by the customer does not involve the imposition of penalty.

9.2. - Refund in case of withdrawal: Babycucadas.com reimburse the customer the amount initially paid by him (less the direct costs of shipping and return, which will be repudiated by the customer, carriage returns) in respect of price, expenses and taxes for the product within fifteen days after receipt of the product by Babycucadas.com, provided that the product was received by Babycucadas.com under the conditions set out in clause 9.1 above. In the event that the returned products being damaged, the customer shall indemnify Babycucadas.com by the amount corresponding to such damages, deducting that amount Babycars would have to reimburse the customer as a result of desestimiento. The refund referred to in the preceding paragraph shall take place by crediting your credit card if the order was paid by credit card or bank transfer if the order is paid on delivery or bank transfer.

9.3. - Exceptions to the right of withdrawal: As an exception, the right of withdrawal shall not apply in the following cases:
a. -) the product may be reproduced or copied immediately (sound recordings, video, books, text documents in general, or computer software which were unsealed by the customer).
b. -) In the case of products for body care.
c. -) When are child restraints for the automotive (car seats, elevators, security baskets, etc..).
d. -) Overall, in the case of products which, by reason of their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

10. - RETURNS: Babycucadas.com responsible for the quality of their products, and supports returning any defective products, taking care of the expenses incurred in such return whenever the client communicates this within seven daysfrom the date of delivery pursuant to clause 6.2 above.
In case of defective delivery, return the product to its origin will be provided by the carrier within 48 hours., But the freight charged to the customer.

11. - TREATMENT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: You authorize Babycucadas.com to automatically process the data provided by the client in the purchase order. Babycucadas.com automatically treat personal information for uses and purposes and under the conditions described in its privacy policy.

12. - COMMUNICATIONS: In order to contact our company, we inform you that you can do the following:
a. -) Address: C / Padre Ignacio Ellacuria 18. (37900) Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca)
b. -) Phone: 923120983
c. -) Email: info@babycucadas.com

13. - LEGAL INFORMATION: In compliance with Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce brought to their attention the identifying details of the service: INVESTMENTS Salamanca 2006 SL With CIF B37457595 and registered in C / Padre Ignacio Ellacuria 18. (37900) Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca). Phone: 923120983.
Registered in the Register of Salamanca. Volume: 364, Book 0, Folio 81, Sheet: SA-11586. Entry 1.

14. - LAW AND JURISDICTION: These terms are governed by Spanish law. Any dispute that arises between the parties regarding the interpretation of these Conditions of Purchase and Sale, babycucadas.com and / buyers voluntarily submit to the courts of the city of Salamanca.


DELIVERY: All orders confirmed before 14:00 h, are managed at that time for shipping. If the products ordered are in stock, your order is delivered to the customer's home within a maximum of 24/48 hours (in Spain, in Europe between 3-7 days).
If the products ordered are not available in stock and we have to order them from our suppliers, the delivery time can take from 2 to 30 days. In the product information is a estimated availability, but in no case constitute a contractual commitment with the customer regarding delivery time.
For the purposes of counting days required for shipping, have no effect on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (both national and local).
We do not ship orders to PO boxes, lockers, mailboxes or any kind.

DEFINITION OF ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: It is understood that an order is confirmed when:
* For payments by bank transfer, when our bank confirms receipt of the transfer.
* For credit card payments, as our bank confirms receipt of the money.

SHIPPING COST: The cost of shipment may be variable depending on the destination of the goods.

PLACES OF SHIPPING: We accept orders of towns in Spain, except the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.